Tmesiphantes uru (Perafán & Pérez-Miles, 2014)

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Tmesiphantes uru
  • Described By: (Perafán & Pérez-Miles, 2014)
  • Researcher Profile: Carlos Perafán, Fernando Pérez-Miles
  • Genus: Tmesiphantes
  • Etymology: refers to an ancient legend Quichua, from the northern limit of Argentina, about the princess Inca Uru, who by their whims and bad government was transformed by the gods into a spider and forced to endlessly work weaving.
    • Melloleitaoina crassifemur Gerschman & Schiapelli, 1973
    • Melloleitaoina crassifemur Vol, 1999
    • Melloleitaoina uru Perafán & Pérez-Miles, 2014

Specimen Records

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Adult Male Activity

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