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Tliltocatl verdezi

IUCN Status

Etymology : In honor of my esteemed colleague, the French arachnologist Jean-Michel Verdez


Male Activity

A well known Brachypelma sp. often mistakenly called Aphonopelma pallidum (F.O.P.-CAMBRIDGE, 1897) by some tarantula keepers and arachnologists, portrayed by VERDEZ in 2001 and by KLAAS in 2003 has proved being undescribed up to now. Males and females are almost entirely black with red and red orange setae on the dorsal face of the opisthosoma and the legs. In the females one can see a quite black triangle on the anterior face of the carapace as in B. emilia (WHITE, 1856). The species here described is named B. verdezi in honour of the French arachnologist J.M.VERDEZ who recognized the first that it is an undescribed Brachypelma sp.
Tarantulas of the World 86: 4-9

Habitat and Type Locality