Thrixopelma ockerti Schmidt, 1994

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Thrixopelma Ockerti
  • Described By: Schmidt, 1994
  • Researcher Profile: Gunter Schmidt
  • Genus: Thrixopelma
  • Etymology: Thrix (Gr): hair, bristle; Pelma (Gr): Sole of foot - Ockerti = Named after the collector Roland Ockert
  • Common Name: Flame Rump Tree Spider

Specimen Records

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Adult Male Activity

  • Eine neue Vogelspinnenart aus Peru, Thrixopelma ockerti gen. et sp. n. (Araneida: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae)

    Gunter Schmidt ,1994

    The new species belongs to the new genus Thrixopelma which differs from Paraphysa Simon, 1892 by denticulated tarsal claws, absence of spikes on all coxae which are present in Paraphysa manicata Simon, 1892 and absence of basally situated spines on Metatarsus I, also present in Paraphysa manicata and in the female of P. pulcherrimaklaasi Schmidt, 1991. T. ockerti sp. n. has a small stripe builded by white plumose urticating hairs on femur of palps prolaterally situated. Its spermatheca consists of two pointed-cap-like receptacula seminis.

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