Thrixopelma lagunas Schmidt & Rudloff, 2010

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Thrixopelma lagunas
  • Described By: Schmidt & Rudloff, 2010
  • Researcher Profile: Gunter Schmidt, Jan-Peter Rudloff
  • Genus: Thrixopelma
  • Etymology: The species was named after the archaeological site in Peru.
  • Original Type Locality: südlich von Lagunas/Peru, 5°20’S 75°42’W
    • Thrixopelma lagunas Schmidt & Rudloff, 2010

Specimen Records

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Adult Male Activity

  • Thrixopelma lagunas sp. n., eine bisher unbekannte Vogelspinnenart aus Peru (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae)

    Gunter Schmidt, Jan-Peter Rudloff ,2010

    Thrixopelma lagunas sp. n. is the fourth species of the genus distributed in Peru. It is characterized by a prolonged embolus in the male (fig.4-5) and very simple receptacula seminis in the female (fig. 9). The scopula of metatarsus III extends over a third of the segment only. In T. pruriens Schmidt, 1998 it covers 2/3, in T. cyaneolum Schmidt, Friebolin & Friebolin, 2005 and in T. ockerti Schmidt, 1994, 1/2 of the metatarsus III. It differs by its dark brown colour from T. cyaneolum which shows a cyan brightness of carapace and extremities and from T. ockerti by its spermathecae which are pointed- caplike. The new species is closely related to T. pruriens also distri-buted in Peru.

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