Spinosatibiapalpus tansleyi

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Type Locality : west-central Trinidad

Etymology : A patronym in honour of Guy Tansley, in recognition of his notable contributions to the understanding of theraphosid ecology through his extensive fieldwork.


Male Activity

The taxonomic placement of species within the genus Pseudhapalopus Strand, 1907 is addressed and revised in a modern context alongside other similar taxa. The genotype Pseudhapalopus aculeatus Strand, 1907 is proposed as a species inquirenda. Cymbiapophysa gen. nov. is established to house Cymbiapophysa velox (Pocock, 1903) comb. nov. and Cymbiapophysa yimana sp. nov., based on palpal bulb, tibial apophyses, palpal tibial, and spermathecal morphology. Spinosatibiapalpus gen. nov. is established to house Spinosatibiapalpus spinulopalpus Schmidt & Weinmann, 1997 comb. nov., Spinosatibiapalpus tansleyi sp. nov. and Spinosatibiapalpus trinitatis comb. nov. based on palpal bulb, tibial apophyses, palpal tibial, and spermathecal morphology. Pseudhapalopus trinitatis pauciaculeis (Strand, 1916) is proposed as a junior synonym of Spinosatibiapalpus trinitatis syn. nov. based on indistinguishable palpal bulb, tibial apophysis, and palpal tibial morphology. Bumba pulcherrimaklaasi (Schmidt, 1991) is proposed as a nomen dubium due to the condition of the holotype and an inadequate original description. The monotypic species Miaschistopus tetricus (Simon, 1889) is redescribed with an emended generic diagnosis. New aspects of palpal bulb morphology are considered with introduction of novel terminology.
Arachnology 18(4): 301-316

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