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Schizopelma juxtantricola

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Guerrero state: Quechultenango municipality: Outside of Juxtlahuaca Cavern:: 930 m asl

Etymology : The specific name is composed from the Latin preposition juxta (nearby), the noun antrum (cavern) and the suffix cola (dweller). The name can be translated as ‘nearbycavern dweller'


Male Activity

Two new species of tarantulas from Mexico are described and illustrated: Bonnetina tenuiverpis and Bonnetina juxtantricola, from the states of Mexico and Guerrero, respectively. Male palpal bulbs, tibial apophyses and spermatheca are among the most taxonomically informative characters. Male bulb microstructure is revealed from scanning electron microscopy; both new and homologous structures to other Theraphosinae genera are identified and described. Nomenclatural changes for male tibial apophyses are also proposed. The holotype male and allotype female of one of the species are molecularly characterized and matched from CO1 partial sequence.
Journal of Natural History DOI:10.1080/00222933.2014.924770

Habitat and Type Locality