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Type Locality : Colombia, Magdalena, Santa Marta, Corregimiento Minca, Sector San Lorenzo, 2200m above sea level

Etymology : The specific epithet is a noun in genitive in honor to Gabriel García Márquez (Aracataca, Colombia, 1927 - Mexico D.F., Mexico, 2014), who was a renowned Colombian writer


Male Activity

A new monotypic Theraphosidae genus, Kankuamo Perafán, Galvis & Pérez-Miles, gen. n., is described from Colombia, with a new type of urticating setae. These setae differ from others principally by having a small distal oval patch of lanceolate reversed barbs. Males of Kankuamo gen. n. additionally differ by having a palpal bulb organ very divergent from all known species, with many conspicuous keels dispersed across the median tegulum to the tip, mostly with serrated edges. Females differ by having spermathecae with a single notched receptacle, with two granulated lobes and several irregular sclerotized longitudinal striations. The new urticating setae, type VII, is characterized, illustrated and its releasing mechanism is discussed. It is hypothesized that these setae are the first in Theraphosinae subfamily whose release mechanism is by direct contact. Kankuamo gen. n. is described and illustrated on the basis of the type species Kankuamo marquezi Perafán, Galvis & Gutiérrez, sp. n., and their remarkable characteristics, morphological affinities and cladistic relationship are analyzed.
ZooKeys 601: 89-109

Habitat and Type Locality