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IUCN Status

Type Locality : Santo Domingo (Carabaya)

Etymology : The species epithet is a noun in apposition derived from Cusco Quechua, apasanka equates to a large, hirsute spider, and is usually (but not always) used in reference to theraphosids.


Male Activity

The holotype of Hapalotremus albipes Simon, 1903 is redescribed. Four new species of the genus Hapalotremus Simon, 1903 are described: Hapalotremus apasanka sp. nov., Hapalotremus hananqheswa sp. nov., and Hapalotremus kaderkai sp. nov. from Peru, and Hapalotremus yuraqchanka sp. nov. from Bolivia. Discussion on palpal bulb morphology, ontogenetic spermathecal morphology, and biogeography is presented. Historical information about collectors and comments on the accession numbers and other label information of historical specimens is also presented.
Arachnology 18(9): 965-989

Habitat and Type Locality