Cyriocosmus paredesi Kaderka, 2019

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Cyriocosmus paredesi
  • Described By: Kaderka, 2019
  • Researcher Profile: Radan Kaderka
  • Genus: Cyriocosmus
  • Etymology: The specific name is a patronym in ho- nour of Williams Paredes, who found this new species in the Amazon rainforest in northern Peru.
  • Original Type Locality: Peru, Amazonas, Quebrada Putuiman, Rio Marañon

Specimen Records

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Cyriocosmus paredesi
Holotype : (MUSM-ENT 0507080), Peru

Adult Male Activity

  • The genus Cyriocosmus Simon 1903 and two new species from Peru (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae)

    Radan Kaderka ,2019

    A female of Cyriocosmus giganteus Kaderka 2016 is described and illustrated for the first time, a new diagnosis of this species is proposed. Cyriocosmus paredesi sp. nov. from Quebrada Putuiman (Marañon River) and Cyriocosmus foliatus sp. nov. from Umaral near Iquitos, both from Loreto Department in Peru, are described, diagnosed, illustrated and keyed. The male of Cyriocosmus sellatus (Simon 1889) from Rio Blanco, the tributary of Rio Tahuyao, Loreto Department in Peru, is redescribed and figured. The distribution area of this species is updated, and difficulties in the identification of this species are discussed.

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