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Cymbiapophysa carmencita

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Province of Cotopaxi, Canton Pangua, Parish of El Corazón, Padrewasi

Etymology : The specific epithet carmencita is a noun in apposition and honours my mother, Carmen Beatriz Romero Palacios, and my sister, Carmen Emilia Peñaherrera-Romero.


Male Activity

Three new species of Cymbiapophysa Gabriel & Sherwood, 2020 are described from south, central, and north-western Ecuador, showing the wide range of distribution that this genus has in Ecuador and its biogeographical provinces. These three new species are easily differentiated from other congeners based on keel morphology of the male palpal bulb. Supplementary information about the locality of C. magna Sherwood, Gabriel, Brescovit & Lucas, 2021 is provided, alongside additional data on morphology and some commentaries about the general distribution and biogeography of Cymbiapophysa. Additionally, a taxonomic key for males of Cymbiapophysa species is presented, based on the palpal bulb morphology.
ZooKeys 1178: 17-38

Habitat and Type Locality