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Type Locality : Cusco, Calca, San Salvador, Llachoc;

Etymology : The specific epithet, kiwicha, is a Quechua word referring to Amaranthus caudatus L., a plant widely cultivated in the Peruvian Andes, particularly in the district of San Salvador, where this new species was found.


Male Activity

The spider genus Bistriopelma Kaderka, 2015 is endemic to Peru and includes three species known to date: Bistriopelma lamasi Kaderka, 2015, B. matuskai Kaderka, 2015 and B. titicaca Kaderka, 2017. The present contribution diagnoses, describes and illustrates two new species of Bistriopelma from Peru: B. peyoi sp. nov. and B. kiwicha sp. nov., both based on male and female. The male of B. peyoi sp. nov. is provided with a remarkable thoracic horn, and the species is the first horned tarantula for this genus. An updated distribution map for all known species is presented.
European Journal of Taxonomy 644: 1-20

Habitat and Type Locality