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Anqasha minaperinensis

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Peru, Department of Ancash, Huaraz, Mina Perina

Etymology : A specific name refers to the name of the type locality near Mina Perina, Ancash, Peru. Diagnosis. Males of Anqasha minaperinensis


Male Activity

The monotypic Peruvian genus Anqasha with type species Anqasha picta (Pocock 1903) is revised. A female of A. picta from the type locality of Caraz is herein des- cribed for the first time. The recently described females of A. picta coming from Recuay are transferred to the new taxon, which is herein described, diagnosed, and illustrated. Males of A. minaperinensis sp. nov. differ from that of A. picta in the shape of retrolateral branch of subapical apophyses on male tibia I, which is apically flattened and having three short spines. Females of A. minaperinensis sp. nov. differ from A. picta in the shape of seminal receptacles.
Revista Peruana de Biología 30(4, e25154): 1-15

Habitat and Type Locality