Orphnaecus kwebaburdeos Barrion-Dupo et al., 2014

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Orphnaecus kwebaburdeos
  • Described By: Barrion-Dupo et al., 2014
  • Researcher Profile: Aimee Lynn A Barrion-Dupo, Alberto T Barrion, Joseph B Rasalan
  • Genus: Orphnaecus
  • Etymology: The specific epithet kwebaburdeos is derived from the combination of habitat (cave = kweba in Tagalog) + type-locality (Burdeos)
  • Original Type Locality: PHILIPPINES, Polillo Island, Burdeos, Puting Bato Cave 3 & 4

Specimen Records

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Phlogiellus kwebaburdeos
Holotype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00537), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00538), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00539), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00540), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00541), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00542), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00543), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00544), Philippines
(UPLBMNH ARA-00545), Philippines
(UPLBMNH ARA-00546), Philippines
(UPLBMNH ARA-0547), Philippines
(UPLBMNH ARA-00548), Philippines
(UPLBMNH ARA-00549), Philippines
j (UPLBMNH ARA-00550), Philippines
Paratype : (UPLBMNH ARA-00551), Philippines

Adult Male Activity

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