Schismatothele olsoni Guadanucci, Perafán & Valencia-Cuéllar, 2019

Colombia, Venezuela
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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Schismatothele olsoni
  • Described By: Guadanucci, Perafán & Valencia-Cuéllar, 2019
  • Researcher Profile: José Paulo Leite Guadanucci, Carlos Perafán, Dayana Valencia-Cuéllar
  • Genus: Schismatothele
  • Etymology: The specific epithet is a noun in the genitive in honor of the Scandinavian American Christian missionary Bruce Olson, for his respect, love and valuable humanitarian work for Colombian indigenous tribe Motilones, who inhabit the territory
  • Original Type Locality: Chinácota, Norte de Santander

Specimen Records

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Schismatothele olsoni
Holotype : (ICN-AR 8358), Colombia
Paratype : (ICN-Ar 8359), Venezuela

Adult Male Activity

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