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Trinidad and Tobago
IUCN Status

Type Locality : Trinidad Island, Northern Range

Etymology : The name is in honor of the Arawak indigenous group, natives of northern South America. They called the island of Trinidad ‘Caeri’, which in Arawak language means ‘Island’.


Male Activity

Seven new species of Schismatothele Karsch, 1879 (Araneae, Theraphosidae) are described, almost doubling the diversity of the genus: S. caeri sp. nov.; S. caiquetia sp. nov.; S. merida sp. nov.; S. moonenorum sp. nov.; S. quimbaya sp. nov.; S. timotocuica sp. nov. and S. wayana sp. nov. An identification key for all species of Schismatothele (except S. kastoni) is presented, as well as a complementary diagnosis for the genus. Also, a standardized nomenclature is proposed to describe the prolateral keels of male palpal bulbs of species of Schismatothele.
European Journal of Taxonomy 861: 78-112

Habitat and Type Locality