Ming-Sheng Zhu


Revision of the theraphosid spiders from China (Araneae: Mygalomorphae)

Ming-Sheng Zhu, Rui Zhang ,2008

Ten theraphosid spiders of the genera Citharognathus Pocock 1895, Haplopelma Simon 1892, Chilobrachys Karsch 1891, Yamia Kishida 1920 and Selenocosmia Ausserer 1871 from China are described, including four new species, namely Selenocosmia xinping sp. nov., S. jiafu sp. nov., S. xinhuaensis sp. nov., and Chilobrachys liboensis sp. nov. Plesiophrictus guangxiensis is transferred to the genus Chilobrachys. Additionally, the species Chilobrachys jingzhao Zhu, Song & Li, 2001 is newly synonymized with Chilobrachys guangxiensis (Yin & Tan 2000)

A new species of the genus Citharognathus from China (Araneae: Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae)

Ming-Sheng Zhu, Ting-hui Li, Da-Xiang Song ,2002

This paper deals with a new species of the genus Citharognathus from Zhuang Autonemous region of Guangxi, named Citharognathus tongmianemsis sp. nov.. Type specimens are deposited in the Musuem of Hebei University. All measurements are in millimeter.

Species described or mentioned