Hugo Albert Tullgren

Hugo Albert Tullgren , born 7 September 1874 in Stockholm, died 1 July 1958 , was a Swedish zoologist .

Tullgren became Bachelor of Uppsala 1899th He became an assistant at the National Entomological Institute in 1902 and the entomological department of the Central Institution for trial courts in agriculture 1907th He became superintendent there in 1909 and professor 1913th Tullgren became a member of the Academy of Agriculture 1912th He was head of the National Plant Health Institute from 1932 to 1939. The genus Tullgren Ella in the family jumping spiders is named after Albert Tullgren.

Tullgren made ​​several contributions to the practical-entomological literature, such as Insect pests in the garden and in the field (1906), Our hangers indoors and in the barn (1914), Garden Plants foes and friends among the lower animals (1910), and related insect and spider animal zoografi as araneida from the english expedition through the Gran Chaco and the Cordilleras (1905), Aranece (in the statement of Swedish expedition to Kilimanjaro, etc., 1910), Swedish spider fauna (I, 1906) and Växtsteklar (the "Swedish insect fauna", 1908 ). He wrote Swedish Insects (1920-1922, together with Einar Wahlgren ) and the monumental work Swedish Butterflies (1935-1941, together with Einar Wahlgren, Frithiof Nordstrom and David Ljungdahl ).


Arachnoidea 6. Araneae

Hugo Albert Tullgren ,1910