Record : UFMG 16690

Collected by L.S. Carvalho & M.C. Schneider in 2014
Original taxon: Guyruita waikoshiemi
Current taxon: Guyruita waikoshiemi
    • New records of spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) from the state of Roraima, northern Brazil

      Leonardo S. Carvalho, Pedro H. Martins, Marielle C. Schneider, Jimmy J. Cabra-Garcia ,2017

      The Brazilian spider fauna comprises thousands of described species, mostly known by only one or two records, and there are large sampling gaps. The spider fauna of the state of Roraima is enigmatic in Brazil and remains largely unknown. Herein, we present a list of spider species recently collected during an expedition in Roraima. Species-level identifications were possible for 229 adult individuals of 54 species. Five species are newly recorded from Brazil, and 30 species are presented for the first time from Roraima. Most of these new records are represented by widespread species, representing the huge and historical deficiency in the spider sampling throughout Roraima.