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Psalmopoeus langenbucheri

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Caripe (Nord-Venezuela)


Male Activity

Psalmopoeus langenbucheri sp. n. differs from most Psalmopoeus spew des yet known in its small size. The body length of the female (holotype) is 37,0 mm and of the male 21 ,5 mm (without chelicera and spinnerets). Its pal pal bulb with the long and thin embolus is similar to that of some species of Tapinauchenius , its length is 3,5 mm. In the female the length of the receptacula seminis is 1,6 mm, the spermathecae belong to the P. reduncus- type. There are some differences between the spermathecae of subadult and adult females.
Tarantulas of the World 121/122: 3-17

Habitat and Type Locality