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Cyriopagopus vonwirthi

Southeast Asia
IUCN Status
The female of a new Haplopelma sp. from South-East Asia is described. It belongs to the H. minax group. Its simple fused spermathecae (fig. 1) cannot be distinguished from those of H. minax (THORELL, 1897) and H. Iividum SMITH, 1996. Leg IV is a little longer than leg I. The position of the thorn-like coxal spines on the prolateral face of the palp and their size are quite different from those of the other species of the H. minax-group (fig. 2). The male is known, but could not be studied. The species name H. vonwirthi sp. n. is proposed.
Tarantulas of the World 103: 4-12

Habitat and Type Locality