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Neoheterophrictus crurofulvus Siliwal, Gupta & Raven, 2012

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Neoheterophrictus crurofulvus
Photo Credit Manju Siliwal
Neoheterophrictus crurofulvus
Photo Credit Manju Siliwal

Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Neoheterophrictus crurofulvus
  • Described By: Siliwal, Gupta & Raven, 2012
  • Researcher Profile: Manju Siliwal, Neha Gupta, Robert John Raven
  • Genus: Neoheterophrictus
  • Etymology: The species name is a combination of two Latin words, ‘cruro’ (for legs or limbs) and ‘fulvus’ (for tawny or yellowish-brown). Crurofulvus refers to the light brown legs of the female spider, which is not seen in any other known Indian theraphosid.

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