Ischnocolus ignoratus Guadanucci & Wendt, 2014

Syria, Israel
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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Ischnocolus ignoratus
  • Described By: Guadanucci & Wendt, 2014
  • Researcher Profile: José Paulo Leite Guadanucci, Ingo Wendt
  • Genus: Ischnocolus
  • Etymology: From the Latin word “ignored”. The specimen here designated as holotype was found in the same jar of the female holotype of I. syriacus, but placed in a separate vial and with a different label.

Specimen Records

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Ischnocolus ignoratus
Holotype : (NMW 21447), Syria
Paratype : (NMW 21448), Israel

Adult Male Activity

  • Revision of the spider genus Ischnocolus Ausserer, 1871 (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae: Ischnocolinae)

    José Paulo Leite Guadanucci, Ingo Wendt ,2014

    The genus Ischnocolus is redefined based on type material, and extra specimens. Representatives of the genus are distinguished by clavate tarsal trichobothria arranged in median apical row; by the maxillae with lighter colour on prolateral edge. Males of the genus Ischnocolus Ausserer are recognized by the cheliceral intumescence, sigmoid ventral furrow on palpal tibia, unequal cymbium lobes, tibial apophysis absent, great number of spines on ventral side of tibia I, and male superior tarsal claws bipectinate. Species included are: Ischnocolus valentinus (Dufour) [= I. holosericeus L. Koch, I. triangulifer Ausserer, I. algericus Thorell, I. fuscostriatus Simon, I. maroccanus (Simon), I. mogadorensis (Simon), I. numidus Simon, I. tripolitanus Caporiacco, Avicularia andalusiaca Simon], Ischnocolus hancocki Smith, Ischnocolus jickelii L. Koch (senior-synonym of Chaetopelma adenense Simon) and Ischnocolus ignoratus sp. nov. Ischnocolus tomentosus Thorell is considered incertae sedis. The following species are considered species inquirenda: I. tunetanus Pavesi and I. fasciculatus Strand.

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