Vorläufige Diagnosen afrikanischer und südamerikanischer Spinnen

Embrik Strand , 1907

About the Author

Embrik Strand

Embrik Strand

Embrik Strand was an arachnologist who classified many insect and spider species, including the greenbottle blue tarantula. He studied at the University of Kristiania. Around 1900 he focused on collecting insect specimens from Norway.

Species mentioned

Harpactira guttata Strand, 1907

South Africa

Brachionopus leptopelmiformis Strand, 1907

South Africa
Encyocratella olivacea

Encyocratella olivacea Strand, 1907


Grammostola monticola (Strand, 1907)


Heterothele villosella Strand, 1907

East Africa

Hysterocrates affinis Strand, 1907


Hysterocrates ochraceus Strand, 1907

Cameroon, Congo

Phoneyusa minima (Strand, 1907)


Pseudhapalopus aculeatus Strand, 1907


Selenogyrus brunneus Strand, 1907

West Africa