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  • Das Männchen von Brachypelma Verdezi sp. n. (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae), einer häufig mit Aphonopelma pallidum verwechselten Vogelspinnenart aus Mexico.

Revision of the African genera Pterinochilus and Eucratoscelus (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Harpactirinae) with description of two new genera.

Richard C Gallon , 2002

The African theraphosid genera Pterinochilus Pocock, 1897 and Eucratoscelus Pocock, 1898 are revised, keyed, and their species distributions mapped. The subfamily Harpactirinae is redefined and its genera keyed. The follow- ing new synonyms and transfers are proposed: Brachionopus Pocock, 1897 is transferred to the Barychelidae; Pterino- chilus chordatus (Gerstäcker, 1873) is removed from the synonymy of P. constrictus (Gerstäcker, 1873); Pterinochilus widenmanni Strand, 1906, P. raptor Strand, 1906, P. affinis Tullgren, 1910, P. sjostedti Tullgren, 1910, P. carnivorus Strand, 1917, P. brunellii Caporiacco, 1940 and Coelo- genium raveni Smith, 1990=P. chordatus; Idiothele pluri- dentata Hewitt, 1919 and Eucratoscelus tenuitibialis Schmidt & Gelling, 2000=P. lugardi Pocock, 1900; P. elevatus (Karsch, 1878) is removed from the synonymy of P. con- strictus; P. elevatus nomen oblitum, P. mamillatus Strand, 1906 and P. hindei Hirst, 1907=P. murinus Pocock, 1897 nomen protectum; P. mutus Strand, 1920=P. simoni Berland, 1917; P. constrictus is transferred to Eucratoscelus, n. comb.; E. longiceps Pocock, 1898 and P. spinifer Pocock, 1898=E. constrictus (Gerstäcker, 1873); Augacephalus, gen. n. is established for P. breyeri Hewitt, 1919 and P. junodi Simon, 1904; Idiothele Hewitt, 1919 is removed from the synonymy of Pterinochilus; P. crassispinus Purcell, 1902= I. nigrofulva (Pocock, 1898); Trichognatha, gen. n. is estab- lished for P. schonlandi Pocock, 1900. The males of Augacephalus breyeri (Hewitt, 1919), A. junodi (Simon, 1904) and Eucratoscelus pachypus Schmidt & von Wirth, 1990 are described for the first time, as is the female of Trichognatha schonlandi.

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Species mentioned

Pterinochilus alluaudi Berland, 1914

Pterinochilus chordatus

Pterinochilus chordatus (Gerstäcker, 1873)

Pterinochilus lugardi

Pterinochilus lugardi Pocock, 1900

Pterinochilus murinus

Pterinochilus murinus Pocock, 1897

Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi

Pterinochilus simoni Berland, 1917

Angola, Congo

Pterinochilus vorax Pocock, 1897

Angola, Central, East Africa
Augacephalus breyeri

Augacephalus breyeri (Hewitt, 1919)

South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland
Augacephalus junodi

Augacephalus junodi (Simon, 1904)

South Africa
Idiothele nigrofulva

Idiothele nigrofulva (Pocock, 1898)

Southern Africa
Trichognathella schoenlandi

Trichognathella schoenlandi (Pocock, 1900)

South Africa

Eucratoscelus constrictus (GerstÄcker, 1873)

Kenya, Tanzania

Eucratoscelus pachypus Schmidt & von Wirth, 1990