Revision der Gattung Holothele Karsch, 1879 nebst Aufstellung einer neuen Gattung Stichoplastoris gen. nov. (Araneae, Theraphosidae) und Wiedereinsetzung einiger weiterer Gattungen der Mygalomorphae


The genus Holothele KARSCH, 1879 is revised. Stichoplastoris gen. nov. is established to Substitute Stichoplastus SIMON, 1889 which will not be available in future. Schismatothele KARSCH, 1879 will be revaluated as a genus of Theraphosidae. Euthycaelus SIMON, 1889 is also revaluated but placed into the family of Barychelidae. Proshapalopus MELLO-LEITAO, 1923 is removed from synonymy with Stichoplastus SIMON, 1889. Hemiercus SIMON, 1889 and Schismatothele KARSCH, 1879 are removed from synonymy with Holothele KARSCH, 1879. A key is added to all actually known species of Holothele as well as detailed descriptions of Holothele sericea SIMON, 1903 and Schismatothele lineata KARSCH, 1879. Diagnosis and drawings are given to qualify even non-specialists for identifying these taxa.
Arachnologisches Magazin 5(2): 1-19

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