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Haplocosmia nepalensis gen. et sp. n., die erste Vogelspinne aus Nepal (Araneida: Theraphosidae: Selenocosmiinae)

Gunter Schmidt, Volker von Wirth , 1996

The new genus Haplocosmia differs from all other genera of Selenocosmieae by an undivided spermatheca resembling that of Haplopelma and the following combination : Third unpaired claw on tarsus IV, thornlike setae on chelicerae prolaterally, scopula on tarsi I,II parted, III divided by thin hairs, IV divided by setae, procurved fovea, procurved front row of eyes and butterknife?like stridulating setae on prolateral surface of maxillae.

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Haplocosmia nepalensis Schmidt & von Wirth, 1996