Einige Anmerkungen zur Gattung Citharacanthus Pocock, 1901 (Theraphosinae: Theraphosidae: Mygalomorphae)


This is an attempt, to characterize the genus Citharacanthus Pocock, 1901, with todays knowledgement. For this, we look at the historic developement within the systematic. A key to the today known species will be developed. Citharacanthus longipes niger FRANGANILLO, 1931 will be revised and get the status of a own kind. The future name is Citharacanthus niger FRANGANILLO, 1931, and Cyrtopholis sargi STRAND, 1907 is in future Citharacanthus sargi (STRAND, 1907). Also we discuss the position of Citharacanthus spinicrus (LATREILLE, 1818) this species has to be categorized as "nomen dubium incertae sedis". At the end we talk about the close relationships within their kind, for future work there is a key to easier identify both sexes.
Arachnologisches Magazin 6(1): 1-13

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