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Xenesthis immanis (Ausserer, 1875)

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Xenesthis immanis
  • Described By: (Ausserer, 1875)
  • Researcher Profile: Anton Ausserer
  • Genus: Xenesthis
  • Common Name: Colombian Lesserblack
  • Original Type Locality: Bogota, Colombia
    • Lasiodora immanis Ausserer, 1875
    • Xenesthis colombiana Simon, 1891
    • Xenesthis immanis Pocock, 1901

Specimen Records

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Xenesthis immanis is a large theraphosid spider with a body length of 6 to 7 cm (theraphosids usually are referred to as "tarantulas", although true tarantulas are Old World members of the family Lycosidae). They have a red/purple star on the carapace, best seen on adult males.

When disturbed or in danger they raise there abdomen to kick hairs or run. In nature they dig holes. Burrows of X. immanis are relatively common beside forest trails at Tambopata at one time, six occupied burrows occurred along 3.9 km of trail.

X. immanis is a sit-and-wait or ambush predator that captures small animals that move through the area near the burrow.

Habitat and Type Locality