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Aphonopelma xwalxwal

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Aphonopelma xwalxwal
  • Genus: Aphonopelma
  • Etymology: The specific epithet is a noun in apposition, referencing the word for “a type of small spider” in the language of the Cahuilla Native Americans, whose traditional territory includes the distribution of this species.
  • Original Type Locality: Hwy S22 (Montezuma Valley Rd), 3.3 miles S junction with Palm Canyon Dr. (Borrego Springs), Anza-Borrego State Park, San Diego Co., California

Specimen Records

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Aphonopelma xwalxwal
(APH_3130), USA
(APH_3131), USA
(APH_3132), USA
Paratype : (APH_3133), USA
Holotype : (APH_3134), USA
(AUMS_2344), USA
(AUMS_2345), USA
(AUMS_2348), USA
(AUMS_2352), USA
(AUMS_2668), USA
(AUMS_2670), USA
(AUMS_3280), USA
(AUMS_3318), USA
(AUMS_3319), USA

Adult Male Activity

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